The Toro Court is a colorful field with interactive goals, made for multipurpose gameplay. Each goal is touch sensitive and is equipped with LED lights that react to ball impact. You can even install the interactive panels into an already existing sport court. The court introduces and entirely new and innovative way to train athletic skills. Interactive play allows athletes and players to have fun while also fine-tuning skills and training. The court takes up a small space, making it incredibly functional and ensuring that all players are participating. This guarantees everyone is involved, in motion, and challenged to play tactically. With new games constantly being uploaded, kids stay interested in athletics, giving a whole new dimension to ball sports like field hockey and soccer.



Skill development through play!

The Toro Court was originally developed through the idea of “Professional Sports Training through Play.” The court’s four goals are physical features that stem from this idea. The four goals allow kids to try things out in order to get skilled at playing, creating a much more active game than one with just two goals. Although it can be used for professional training, the Toro Court is accessible to any ability or degree of difficulty. It promotes team building and cooperation amongst all players. The court’s functionally small size also makes it a perfect addition to any public area. The court could be the coolest new attraction in your town! Game preferences and other settings can be adjusted using Yalp apps, ensuring accessibility and keeping gameplay new and interesting.


Durable and long-lasting

The Toro Court is extremely durable and designed for long-term outdoor use. The interactive goals are coated in strong steel that allow this court to be weather-proof. With our design capabilities, you can create your own, unique court. The game floor and the game content can be customized, further enhancing your entirely new sporting experience.


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