Adventuring high into the sky in a tall treehouse is every kid’s dream! When kids climb high and see the world from a bird’s eye view, they feel a sense of achievement, building their confidence. It also helps them improve their physical strength and coordination. There are so many reasons to design a tall tower for your playground.

At MRC, we have an array of options for tower designs, including the ability to create your own tower from scratch! In this blog, we will share our incredible options for towers and why we think they’re a great option for innovative fun.


compact wood tower playground


Vertical Play Value, Perfect for Compact Spaces

Play towers are an excellent way to save space without sacrificing versatility and play value! A multitude of climbing options and numerous play functions are available for the inside of your play tower, creating a vertical playground. Components like nets, climbers, activity panels, and slides bring your tower to life. This saves space, making towers ideal for projects in small areas. Not only is this good for your budget but appealing to the eye.

Play towers are modern play environments that create stunning local landmarks. Our team will work with you to create the custom tower of your dreams!


kids play inside tower playground


Choose Sustainable Wood Towers with Customizable Panels

Our gorgeous Nordic wood towers are made with a strong focus on modern architectural design, appealing to young and old. They feature numerous adaption possibilities; paneling options that bring pops of color or transparent panels that allow greater access to visibility of the inside. These functional landmarks appeal to nature, blending harmoniously with trees and flora. Our wood is harvested with sustainability as a priority, making the natural appeal more than an aesthetic. The trees that our wood comes from are from PEFC certified forests – click here to read more about our wood and dedication to the environment.


Create Your Own Castle with Altus Towers

Create your own customized play tower, or towers, with our Altus Towers. This fully customizable option can exist in a small footprint or be built into a huge multi-tower project! Start with a standard configuration, then choose your own panels, roofs, slides, stairs, and climbers in vibrant colors and styles. We also have pre-configured styles provided for your convenience. Click here and flip to page 48 to start assembling your castle! You can even add a theme inspired by your community. We create hand-molded custom artwork with our design team.


custom play tower


We want to work with you and your community to choose or create the tower playground of your wildest dreams! Whether it’s a natural wood design with custom panels and climbing adventures inside, a bright and bold Altus Tower made custom for you, or one of our preconfigured designs. We’re here to help decide what is best for you! Ready to kick off your tower project? Click here to get started!