Every community and family-friendly venue needs a playground that serves as a gathering place for families to socialize and let their kids burn off some energy. As a playground designer, we have an important role to play in the creation of a space that attracts all and encourages exploration. Themed playgrounds are currently one of the hottest trends in community park planning because they have the added benefit of serving as a major attraction while also helping to make the most out of playtime. Whether you are planning a community playground or adding a park to a business or school, you can use these top five themes for playgrounds as inspiration as you draw up the designs.

Encourage Monkeying Around With an Animal Theme

Kids naturally love animals, and a playground designed with this theme is sure to attract some serious action. Just imagine youngsters climbing on a realistic lion or pretending to be farmers tending to animals in a barn. An animal theme also allows you to delve even deeper into specific themes to create custom playgrounds such as adding octopuses and whales to a play area outside of an aquarium.

Tap Into the Local Heritage

A vibrant and safe play area quickly becomes a hub for people in the community who love to inspire their kids to enjoy an active lifestyle. Help reinforce the local pride by choosing a theme that brings out the best things about the area. For example, you could create a miniature city skyline by adding skyscrapers to your New York playground. Selecting elements from the community to add to the park creates a truly custom feel that everyone loves.

Inspire Imaginations With a Fantasyland

From princess castles to superheroes, children love to act out their wildest fantasies on the playground. Give those who come to your playground the perfect background to role play their favorite stories and make up a few of their own by adding elements such as action figures to the play area. If you need inspiration, just check out the trending stories and movies to find fantasy figures that will get everyone excited to go to the park.

Go With a Transportation Theme

In addition to fantasy play, kids also love to emulate the adults that they admire. As they engage in pretend scenarios, children strengthen their social understanding and critical thinking skills. You can give them a jumpstart on figuring out what they want to be when they grow up by installing police cars, fire trucks, and airplanes throughout the park.

Build a Dinosaur World

Dinosaurs are still a favorite theme for kids that have a wealth of possibilities for playtime. Consider building a huge volcano that kids can climb and slide back down. Alternatively, you can add an obstacle course running throughout the park that challenges kids to avoid falling into the pretend hot lava.

The best playground themes tap into children’s interests while giving you plenty of room to add those custom touches that make a play space truly unique. Now that you have these themes to serve as inspiration, you can begin to plan a memorable space with commercial playground equipment that simulates kids to stretch their legs and imaginations.

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