There’s a new trend in park equipment that’s becoming a fad in its own right and it’s called the splash pad. You’ve probably seen splash pads at local playgrounds and some strip malls. Modern parks that have a wide variety of park equipment have been including splash pads, and if you haven’t seen them nearby, you will be soon. Let’s check out the new trend in playground equipment that’s growing in popularity all over the world.

What is it?

A splash pad (sometimes called a spray pool) is a fun and exciting area in public places where nozzles in the ground spray water from a deck, landing on an open surface. The best part about splash pads is that they provide all the fun of water play for kids without a risk of drowning. This reduces the need for lifeguards that you would normally find in a pool or swimming area.

There might also be added features like showers in fun shapes like mushrooms or movable nozzles that spray water like fire hoses. More advanced splash pads can be controlled with motion sensors or timers that switch them on and off, making the experience more intriguing and exciting while also conserving water. Some companies that provide spray park equipment even install a smartphone app to handle a splash pad from anywhere. There’s also the fact that kids and parents don’t need a swimsuit to play in a splash pad, although one certainly helps! Splash pads are also a relatively new form of equipment, so people will travel long distances just for the novelty, making them a great way to draw crowds.

Is a splash pad installation safe?

Absolutely! Although a playground designer might have concerns about water quality with a potential for the spread of E. coli or cryptosporidium parvum, Recreation Management discusses solutions and guidelines proposed by the CDC for splash pads which usually use fresh water or recycled and treated water with the same purity you would find in swimming pools. It’s recommended that recirculation systems use secondary UV treatment and rain diverter valves. Disinfectant should also be sprayed frequently to kill algae or bacteria, and it’s a good idea to have nearby restrooms, showers, baby changing stations, and hand sanitizer dispensers. As for slips and falls, it’s recommended that splash pads use surfaces like non-slip concrete or crumb rubber.

Many splash pads are made free to the public or for a minimal charge, and the increased traffic can entice guests and added revenue. Every playground designer should look at splash pads as a unique and popular way to make their design a success.

The modern splash pad is just one example of modern playground equipment, the kind that MRC can provide. Our relationship with more than 20 manufacturers gives us such a wide range of products that we can be a fantastic resource for our customers.