Jul 02

Escape The Sun With These Shade Structures

There is no better time to go to the park than on a warm sunny day. While the sun is known for its health benefits, such as helping the body to produce vitamin D, there are also serious reasons to make shaded spaces on your playground where families can escape the rays. During the peak times of the day, the sun can be intense enough to cause problems such as sunburns and overheating that can ruin the perfect day. Fortunately, there are tons of options from which you can choose to add shade structures to your playground design that enhance the overall usage of the area.

Keep the Fun Going With Playground Shades

Once kids hit the playground, they rarely want to stop playing just to avoid the sun. Make things easy for parents by adding shades to popular areas of the playground where children tend to spend the most time. A shade that covers the toddler area allows the littlest visitors to your playground a place where they can explore features such as color wheels and spinners without being in direct sunlight for too much time.

Provide a Comfortable Sitting Area With Pergolas and Gazebos

Commercial gazebos are traditionally round with a full roof overhead that provides complete shade for families who need a respite from the heat. Pergolas are typically rectangular, and can have a full roof or one made out of slats that allow some sunlight to filter in. Both of these options are perfect places for a family to enjoy a picnic or to host a party.

You can also place these close to the playground so that families with young infants can escape the sun while the older kids play. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping babies under the age of six months out of direct sunlight, a few benches or picnic tables in these areas are the ideal place for families to dote on the little ones while the rest of the kids hit the play area.

Cool Athletes Off With Shaded Baseball Dugouts

Designing a sports complex requires you to pay careful attention to how the sun hits the field. While athletes plan to spend some time in the sun, they also need a place to cool off. You can use our shaded baseball dugouts to give players a place to rest and enjoy the shade before they head back out on the field.

Set Up Space for Events With a Covered Amphitheater

One of the most versatile shade structures that you can add to your playground design is a covered amphitheater. Here, your community can host educational events without worrying about making people sit in the heat of the sun. Concerts, lectures, and other public events are always more fun outdoors, and a roof overhead allows them to take place even in the sunniest weather.

Choose Shade

Shaded structures can be designed to blend into the overall design of your landscape, or they can be made to stand out. Make sure to add several shade features so that you increase the use and enjoyment of your outdoor facility.