Nov 11

Modern Play Cubes: A Fascinating Adventure in Balance!

The Halo Diamond play cubes introduce an entirely new, completely fascinating play experience! Everyone who tries it says you need to climb inside to really understand it yourself. This unique play cube is not sitting flat on the ground, it is standing on one of its corner tips. Your ability to balance and navigate is tested, providing one of the most challenging and fun play experiences you’ll ever get!



A challenging adventure!

Inside the play cube there are so many elements that will add to your experience. Cubes can have a balancing ball, rope nets, and a tube slide. You also have exciting design capabilities, like attaching a second cube to create a magnificent play structure! If space is not an issue, this second cube can create even more activities and fun on a larger scale. The added cube makes room for a fireman’s pole and a spider net. Climb in for an utterly unique and challenging adventure that will test your ability to balance.



Strong and long-lasting!

Cubic modules are designed to match gracefully and are made with only the highest quality pine, steel, plastics, and laminates. These modern play cubes are secured safely, mounted to surfacing on one of their corner tips with strong steel reinforced concrete. If visibility is a concern for your play space, see-through panels can be used on the sides of cubes. Or, you can mix transparent paneling with opaque colored panels or wood panels. Your play cubes can be filled with colorful HPL panels or have a natural wood look.


Wooden play cubes are made from tight-grain Finnish wood from PEFC-certified forests. The wood is glue laminated and treated with an environmentally friendly shimmer that gives it a gorgeous brown color. This treatment process makes our wood long-lasting and prevents against splintering, making it superior to types of wood playground equipment.