Sep 04

Outdoor Activities Anyone Can Enjoy This Summer

The summer is the best time to head outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. While you can always find something to do at your neighborhood playground, it is fun to come up with some new ways to keep your friends and family engaged. These outdoor activities are perfect for summer, and they are guaranteed to make everyone want to join the fun.

Play Captain of the Ship

This classic game is played in much the same way as Simon Says. However, the game takes a twist by having everyone pretend like they are on one big ship. Start by choosing a person who is in charge of calling out orders. They can then instruct the group to do different things such as gather on the top deck of the play structure. It’s also fun to throw in some ship terms such as running starboard, which is to the right. If anyone does an action without hearing “Captain Says,” then they have to pretend like they are chasing after a shark until the next round.

Enjoy a Game of Pretend

Themed playgrounds provide the perfect place to let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Take a cue from the playground structure, and encourage the kids to pretend to be princesses or cavemen living in a fantasy paradise. You can make this even more enjoyable for older kids by having them put together a skit that they can perform in front of their parents.

Start a Baseball Game

Baseball has many benefits for both adults and kids, and outdoor sporting areas make it easy to put together a game. If your playground has sports bleachers, then all you need is to set up a few bases to get a game going. Consider putting together a team of mixed ages that allows both younger kids and adults to play together. Alternatively, you can set up an at-ball stand that lets the littlest ones at the playground try their hand at competing on an outdoor sports field.

Get the Little Ones Involved With Freeze Tag

Everyone enjoys a game of tag, and you can turn this into a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day. Add a twist to the game by appointing a few of the players as being in charge of melting anyone who is frozen. Instead of touching their teammates, they can squirt them with a water shooter to unfreeze them.

Go On a Scavenger Hunt

Playground scavenger hunts are another fun game that you can put together with only a little preparation. For younger kids, make a picture list of items that they can find. Swings, spinners, and other common playground equipment are easy items to add. Older kids can use their cameras to capture the items that they find. You can even hide some uncommon items beneath slides and other features to increase the challenge of this exciting activity.

The best outdoor activities are easy to put together, and they should always be inclusive enough that everyone can join in on the action. With these fun games in mind, you’ll quickly put together a few new things to do at the park that your friends and family will want to play again and again.