The Fono DJ Booth is an innovative and completely new way to play outdoors. It is the only outdoor DJ booth in the world! It works incredibly simply. All you need to do is start playing music from your phone and place it on one of the designated spots on the DJ table. The Fono will pick up the sound, amplify it, and give you the ability to mix and add effects like a professional! The DJ booth meets the demands of the modern teenager in more than one way: It uses mobile phones, it promotes the listening and sharing of music, and of course, provides an exciting way to hang out with friends. With the ability to provide your own music, the Fono DJ Booth will never go out of style.



First outdoor DJ booth in the world!

Everyone young at heart will be able to express themselves through the interactive play features of the DJ booth. Music allows anyone, regardless of age or ability, to be able to creatively express their identity. The functions are easy to understand and there are no rules! The Fono DJ Booth even works with any kind of smartphone. If you don’t want to include the use of smartphones, not to worry. The DJ booth has music pre-installed in it as well, and music packs are available at the Yalp store to choose from. The booth is suitable for all kinds of locations and purposes, whether it’s a playground, school, or youth center – the possibilities are endless!


Tough yet refined look

The Fono DJ Booth is the first of its kind, a DJ table designed for outdoor use. All electronic elements are safely housed within the booth’s frame. There are several design options with the booth. Combinations of wood, steel, and concrete give the design editions of the booth a tough, yet refined look. You can also customize your own elements of the booth, even a dancefloor can be added.


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