In any fast-growing society it’s imperative to provide opportunities for achieving a balanced lifestyle through rest, play, community connection, and contributing to overall health and well-being. For over 35 years MRC Rec has been guiding the way by brainstorming creative solutions for park and playground equipment to meet these changing needs of our times for fitness, beauty, and balance in the modern world. We are one of the leading suppliers in North America for school and commercial playgrounds while also providing solution-based designs. This ranges from outdoor exercise equipment and inclusive playgrounds, to spray parks and splash pads, and even custom metal art for city and neighborhood parks!

Obstacle Course

Our customers come to us from all walks of life, looking for just the right creative solution to inspire play and wellness within communities, schools, towns and cities, and for their families in their own backyards. Recently, MRC has jumped on the obstacle course bandwagon captivating children and adults across the United States. As park and playground equipment moves towards a more health conscious trend, we’re offering Obstacle Courses at many of our city playgrounds.

The Design

The exclusive design of our Challenge Course provides an exciting multi-generational fitness experience where old and young alike work side-by-side towards personal and family health goals. In this accessible outdoor environment, youth have expressed how satisfying it is to transition from juvenile playground equipment onto a multi-aged Obstacle Course! Here, they’re able to climb, jump, swing, and more, while maintaining a connection with others.

The Fitness Trend

The Obstacle Course has been touted as one of the top fitness trends of 2017. With the rise of so many societal stressors in our rapid-paced culture, making time for fitness and health has become a universal priority. MRC’s outdoor Obstacle Course provides something for all in a format that even the most frenzied people can feel encouraged to work, as we move towards a more healthy and satisfying life.

Coming Together

MRC has a compelling tradition of brainstorming playground designs with cooperative play in mind. By drawing communities together to create a space where traditions flourish, people can engage in more enriching lives.

Whether you’re gathering to play sports on one of our turf fields, or having a picnic under the shade structures of our shelters and gazebos, MRC has considered all possibilities for inspiring play and connection for generations to come. Our artists, playground designers, and engineers are leading experts in the field who listen to your needs and dreams. They work their sheer magic to draw people to the outdoors and to one another where wonder and fun is created again.